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Entradas Chichen de Fueg

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Valladolid, Yucatan 

Theater  Iturralde Traconis 




Total darkness, sounds that evoke the Mayan jungle at night. The jaguar discovers his  

prey and with this the adventure begins! Live a magical night in Chichén where you will witness dances and acts charged with mysticism and accompanied by live pre-Hispanic music.

A great opportunity to learn more about this ancient culture in the comfort of a theater equipped with everything you need to enjoy a fun evening!


Chichén de Fuego is a delight for the senses. From the musicalization that was specially designed for the play, to the choreographies and the characters, which were carefully detailed so that you immerse yourself in a world full of magic.

  • What is the history of Chichén de fuego?
    Chichén de Fuego arises from the desire to share and preserve the cultural heritage of our ancestors. The question "what would a night out in Chichén have been like?" It drives us to create a show that allows us to lift the veil of the impenetrable mysticism of this great culture. More than 3 years planning and devising the project, to successfully bring to reality a world-class work for the whole family, aimed at all people in search of quality entertainment, whether local, national or foreign.
  • Where can I buy tickets for Chichén de Fuego?
    We have 2 purchase options: Physical: You can buy your tickets directly at the Iturralde Traconis Theater box office, located in the central square of Valladolid. Digital: Get your tickets digitally by clicking HERE
  • What days and what time does Chichén de Fuego appear?
    Chichén de Fuego is available every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at the Valladolid Iturralde Traconis theater
  • What is the duration of Chichén de Fuego?
    The show has a total duration of 1 hour.
  • Is Chichén de Fuego suitable for children?
    Chichén de Fuego is an appropriate work for children older than 6 years.
  • ¿Dónde puedo ver Chichén de Fuego?
    Chichén de Fuego is presented every Sunday at the Iturralde Traconis theater, located in Valladolid, Yucatán, Mexico.
  • ¿Cómo llego al Teatro de Valladolid?
    The Valladolid Theater is located next to the cathedral, in the center of the city. Located on the street on Calle 42 number 203B, between 41 and 43, Centro. GOOGLE MAPS .
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